First flight with the DJI Mavic Pro

Whilst waiting for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro to come back from being repaired ( it had an argument with a tree on its first flight), I though I should practice my flying skills so I picked up a Mavic Pro.

With regards to Landscape photography I am very intrigud as to how I can use these drones to explore both still and moving image in my work. I'm still toying with the colour profiles and picture setting at them moment. You may notice a change in the colour settings towards the end of the film as this was the first footage I shot but I feel that it is way to saturated and over sharpened. Afterword's I set the sharpening, saturation etc. to -1 and shot in cine profile. I then colour graded in Premiere. I still need to try out some of the other colour profiles and to try sharpening on 0 to see if I can find a happy medium, which allows me enough information then grade without compressing the file to much.