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Field Notes 02 - Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 20

1st Feb 2021. Second walk on the footpath connecting Eakring and Wellow. Approaching from the Wellow start point on Eakring rd.

Views of Tree Canopy along the footpath.

As I being walking these footpaths and byways i'm conscious that I need to be more aware of the landscape when making images. Looking vertically up is something I do not normally do often when walking and I'm reminded that I don't even know what type of trees these are. How can I learn to see nature as a background to my own life as Marris suggests(Marris 2011) if I do not even know the names of the trees?

I am currently reading 'Ecology Without Nature' by Timothy Morton and have just finished 'Rambunctious Garden' by Emma Marris. Though both texts are different in approach they both deal with nature and ecology. It's with this relatively new knowledge that I am looking at nature and considering what it is, what it may be and what I do not know, whilst not wanting to fall into familiarity with previous approaches. I'm becoming acutely aware that I do not know anything about any of the flora, fauna and wildlife of the British Isles!

Though I am still coming to terms with the themes discussed I need to write some chapter reviews over the next few weeks to begin unpacking some of the key themes and questions in both texts.

I attended a talk by Dr Dale Holmes on 'The Thickness Of Paint'. During the talk I began to think if places can also be thin or thick? Questions to consider:

  • Does an understanding of thick and thin, an ontology of its existence in relation to space and place have any place in my research?

  • Does this affect how meaning is constituted and does it affect how I recognise forms or how to see the world (Mirzoeff 2015)?

  • Can the flat, two dimension of the printed photograph have a thickness? Or is dimension the thickness in a photograph?

I continued to follow the footpath, looking at the agricultural landscape and thinking of ways to document the changes that the landscape will undergo over the coming months and years.

Though I am the beginning of my research it may be that rather than one single body of work I need to consider a series of works and multiple ways of engaging with the landscape in order to answer some of these questions.

View across fields towards Wellow.Between two footpath marker points.

View heading towards next intersection.

Old Railway line that runs across the footpath. Looking towards Wellow Village.

The railing, in yellow, runs between Ollerton and Farnsfield.(

Two further images from the same walk.

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