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Field Notes 04

Updated: Feb 21

05th Feb 2021

Light cloud and light winds.

Humidity 89%

Pressure 1008mb

Visibility Good

7 degree - feels like 6 degrees

Low chance of precipitation

Light winds from the South South West


11.15am. Image with accompanying sound.

At this point i'm just working through a natural process of idea generation and making through doing. For example, in this image I am thinking about the experience of listening to a photograph and how sound can add layers, even thickness to the image, or change the experience of the image - adding dimension through sound.


Continuing from the last shoot I am now making images at the same time of day to get more consistency in the recording process.

360 degree panorama stitched in Lightroom - handheld test. I need to now research how to export into vr and to compare output resolution and quality in comparison to a 360 camera or dedicated vr camera in the future.

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