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Field Notes 01 - Jan 2021

Updated: Feb 20

Tue 9th Jan 2021.The first walk on the footpath connecting Eakring and Wellow. This was a short walk to familiarise myself with the local footpath network between Wellow and Eakring. The footpath network is highlighted in red, along with Bridleways in Pink.

I’ve had a fascination with footpaths for years. Whilst driving I often catch a glimpse of those small, arrowed signs pointing somewhere across a non-descript field. I think this fascination with footpaths comes from my love of maps and atlas’s, especially old ones. I can spend hours scanning them, looking for changes in the landscape and hints at hidden pasts. Due to the current travel restriction examining maps, walking footpaths, looking for hidden ways and exploring seems like a suitable way to begin making images of the local landscape.

Footpath towards Gallow Hole Dyke and Kennel Wood.

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