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Portfolio summary 01 - Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 18

Polycam lydar 3D Scanning. Screen grabs during recording phase.

Polycam lydar 3D Scans over the last three weeks.

.obj file rendered in Blender.

Using Blender to view the .obj file as a mesh. I still need to research into how to render .obj files as meshes, rather than with the textures applied as in the version above.

@ further view scans. Textured view rendered in Blender.

Mesh captures from Screen grabs using Blender. 1st image is a magnification detail from the second image.

1st attempt at using the Lydar camera to record whilst walking between two waypoints on the footpath. The limited range of the Lydar camera results in a scan that has limited width along the scan length.

The next step in this process would be to refine the scanning technique and then render in Blender as a sequence of frames and output as a moving image.

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