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Portfolio Summary 02- Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 21

A sequence of images visualising the changes to the landscape over a three week period. The effects of season and climate are visible even in this short period of time.

The above is a quick draft visualisation of some of the ideas around time in the landscape. The images don't exactly line up as they were made without a specific vantage point and also made hand held.

Image credit: E.H. Barbour, Toadstool Park, Little Badlands, Nebraska 1896. Collection of University of Rochester, NY Special Collections.

In a lecture given at Nottingham Trent University professor Kelly Wilder discussed how "scientific notebooks are a critical part of any observational or experimental practice. It was interesting to hear her discuss the change in photography "from being the object of the notes, to patterning the note-taking" (Wilder 2021).

The photograph as patterning of the note taking process vs being the object is an interesting observation. Similar to the method of pattern note taking where the process is more visual, starting in the middle and working outwards in a non linear way.

Methods of exploring complex information in a non linear way:

Recording information in a spacial, non-linear way. Patterned note-taking, Buzan T. (1974)

Putting the idea central and attaching subsidiary ideas concentrically. Mapping note-taking, Hanf (1971)

Reflecting back on my previous posts my work is still linear in both application and presentation. However the addition of audio and text, as in the examples on this page, does begin to move away from the traditional or linear approach to presenting visual information and is further compounded by the limits of presenting information in blog format.

The notion of time, deep time is something I will be researching further. On my reading list is:

Notes from Deep, Time Helen Gordon

The order of time, Carlo Rovelli

"The hardest thing to see is whats really there". J.A Baker, The Peregrine 2017. Can the use of time, or time based media help us see?

Single image with accompanying audio, both recorded at the same point and time on the 13/2/21.

os ref: 53.176036, -1.003034


Sunny intervals and a moderate breeze.

Humidity 62%

Pressure 1034mb

Visibility good

-1, feels like -1

Precipitation is not expected

18 - A moderate breeze from the south East.

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