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Walking, mapping, archeology and surveying

Updated: Feb 21

Victorian Ordnance Survey 6 inch to 1 mile Old Map (1888-1913)

Ordnance Survey 1 inch to 1 mile Old Map (1955-1961)

Google map view 2021

Bluetit, Magpie, Seagul, Crow, Sparrow, Blackbird, Pidgeon and a Cat.

Pastoral- Noun: a work of literature portraying an idealised version of country life.

The last few days have been spent editing, making notes, researching and writing up the blog. Some time has been dedicated to software programmes including Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and Blender 3D. I will need to dedicate further time to learning Blender 3D and editing Point Cloud Data.

My last shooting day this Month was Monday the 15th. Since then I have been researching online for current and historical information about the local area and thinking about walking, mapping, archeology and Photography. When reviewing my work I still recognise a sense of idealism and romanticism in my images and have to question whether the additions of sound and motion are just attempts to address this?


Looking at the maps from 1888, 1955 and today it's clear that there have been some changes, but not as much as I would have though in 132 years. There is reference to some historic sites and the loss of small holding and smaller features such as named plantations.

A large part of what I have been doing the last three weeks is thinking about how to record and document these changes in the landscape and the next stage is to now look at names, field names, historical features, sightlines and written histories of the local landscape. Looking at nature and our interface with it through layers of history and time.

I realise that most of what I have done in the last three weeks is somewhat eclectic and does not follow the direction i initially set out in my proposal. This is due to the current travel restriction but it also reflects my way of working through and towards a subject.

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